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Fortnite Mobile. Epic’s multiplayer shooter game can now be enjoyed pretty much on every console and platforms that you can think off.

The game is now on mobile app in the form of beta and you will enjoy the full fortnite experience on a range of compatible Android devices.

Whether you are new to this game or you are a seasoned Fortnite veteran, these are some fortnite mobile tips that you need to know so that you can stay ahead of the curve and be the last man standing.

fortnite mobile

Top things to know about the game

Natural touchscreen controls

Since there is no keyboard or gamepad, Fortnite mobile immutable and intuitive touchscreen controls for navigating the game. You can slide your left thumb around the screen to move your character around in the game while sliding it further will allow your character to run faster. You can also rotate your view just by sliding around the screen with your right thumb which mimics the mouse movement on PC and you will just tap the screen to fire your weapon.

You should also pay attention to how slow or fast that you need to rotate your view so as to be most effective in combat and you can adjust the touch sensitivity in your control settings. The circle icons on the screen are mainly for actions like crouching and jumping and there are a build or weapon icons at the bottom of the screen where you will get to reload and access your weapon.

Keep moving and don’t wander

Since you are going to spend a lot of time running around the big map when you are trying to survive. Fortnite mobile makes this easier with the virtual control stick on the left side of the screen and you can then double tap it so as to start auto-running. You should note that rotating your view while you run is going to cause your character to turn in different direction and you are going to end up wandering around which is an easy way for you to get shot.

Remember to shut the door

You can open doors automatically by default in fortnite mobile while walking into them. To close the door, you will need to tap on it. Whenever you enter a building, you should try to shut the door behind you so that the passers-by will think that the building has not been looted yet which will make them lower their guard and gives you a perfect opportunity to ambush them.

Small screen, close quarters

Fortnite mobile gives you the opportunity to play the game on a smaller screen than a monitor or TV and this means that land shots from distance are likely to be hard in the game and you will just end up alerting your enemies to your presence instead. You should opt for shotguns over assault rifles and you should also try your best to bring the fight up close. This will make sure that you take advantage of the screen and you will spend less time making pixel-sized aim adjustments in heated situations.

Watch out for audio indicators

Fortnite mobile gives you the chance and comfort to play the game anywhere and at any time and this means you are not going to have your headphones with you all the time to plug into the game and you might have chosen remain silent on your mobile. If you opt for this option, Epic games understand and they add the visual cues just to help you to know where the sounds are coming from and to also give you a sense of their direction.

The red and white arcs represent gunshots and footsteps respectively will give you information on where the gunfire and players may be closer to you. The intensity of the arc will help to show how close and loud the gunshot or the other player is.

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