Fortnite Game: A Stormy Affair

Fortnite Game.The online gaming community is on the rise, with more and more people getting involved in videogames using either the latest gaming consoles or smart devices. The founder of the Fortnite games is the Epic Games company which is certainly not a novice in this industry. Before making it big (in just 1 year) with the Fortnite games, Epic Games have the success of games like Gears of War and Infinity Blade in their stride.

Fortnite Game and How to Play them?

To play the Fortnite game, the player must first apply online and receive an invitation email from Usually, a Fortnite game is a multiplayer game. However, it is up to the gamer to ditch the other players and choose to play alone. The advantage of playing the game along with other players is that the individual gamer can take some time out to fill and harvest equipment to fight the game.

The choice of the player to go solo or play with a team can be made any time during the play by just a few changes in the game settings, i.e. making it Private from Public.

Inviting others to play the game is also used quite efficiently by the players. This can be achieved by setting up an Epic account that will eventually help you perform a cross-platform play. To add a friend on this platform, the player must go to his/her Epic account, Tap on the Friends icon, Click to add a friend, fill out your friend’s email ID and password (if known) and finally tap the add button. Voila! you now have your friend joining the play.