Fortnite: changes and novelties of patch 9.20

The patch that updated it to version 9.20 arrived at Fortnite on June 6. This content update of Season 9 of the Fortnite Battle Royale Pass brings several essential changes. Its main novelty is the incorporation of an object that allows us to create storm zones. We specify, now, the most essential changes and novelties of this patch.

Fortnite’s new object: storm inverter

fortnite season 9

The new version of Fortnite will incorporate the new object Winter Storms, which was announced in the news of the game two days ago. It is also expected to return 2 weapons that today are in the Vault: the Revolver and the Heavy Shotgun, which lately were changed to progress certain of their statistics.

This 9.20 update introduces more disruptive novelties than you would expect, and more after the content update of the previous week. The combat shotgun reduces its appearance in the map of the game, as the quality of the weapons of the boot holder or that the hunting rifles have all gone to the camera. In addition to this, the new object Winter Storms is introduced, which can radically affect the way games evolve. Below you will find details of each and every one of these novelties. and considerably more.

General Characteristics

  • Banner icons: we upgrade the size from 256×256 to 512×512.
  • Standard size: we updated thirty-one genres of large graphics.
  • Field battle: we updated seventeen genres of large graphics.
  • Console players can now access language options through the settings menu.
  • Now players can select a setting in the “Account” tab to not participate in surveys.
  • We upgraded the main menu room to match the Battlefield room.
  • We make some initial adjustments to the new room with a plan to repeat them over time and update the interface theme.
  • Correction of faults
  • We fixed videos that didn’t loop on PS4.
  • Now the question mark in the settings menu completely fits in the box

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