Battle Royale Fortnite

Battle Royale game mode is the latest mode which is growing in popularity yearly. The game is free and available on most gaming platform from PS4 to PC to XBOX One to smartphones and so on. It is among the best free to play games online right now.

The gameplay is simple as 100 players will be dropped in an island with a safe zone that shrinks constantly and there are weapons and special items that are scattered all over the island and the last person standing at the end is the winner.

Top tips to enjoy success battle royale

battle royale

Try to use your pickaxe on everything that you can mostly at the start of each game. All character in Fortnite Battle Royale has an indestructible pickaxe and you can use the pickaxe to destroy almost every object in the game. All you have to do is hit it repeatedly to collect its materials and then use it to build forts, walls, ramps, and defenses. Gathering of materials at the start of the game is the key to a good defense in Fortnite battle royale and you should try to use it to make one for yourself.

Try to limit the sound that you make

This is among the most important tips in fortnight battle royal is to try and keep the sound level to an absolute minimum. This is because you can be easily detected by other players which gives them a significant advantage over you. This means you should try to run as little as possible because running makes more sound than when walking or crouching with noticeable puffs of smoke in your wake. You should also try to make sure your surrounding is secure when you are trying to build or scavenge for resources with your pickaxe and also keep in mind that other players can hear you when you are switching your weapons.

Use headphones

This is a good chance to turn the tables on your enemies as most of the other players are wearing headphones which can be the difference between life and death. This is going to help you to keep your noise to the minimum and also to be on alert as you hear another sound.

Ensure that you keep the cycle in mind

This is among the most important tips in fortnite as the circle shrinks continuously in size which is more than happy to swallow you. All the strategic decision that you need to make should be in close relation to the eye of the storm in mind. If you are close to the safe zone as the timer starts to tick down, your priority should be how to get to the safe zone and if you spot another play, you don’t need to join in the play.

Do not go looting of bodies immediately

Although it is hard not to run over the unfortunate victim’s corpse so as to loot the shower of items which have erupted from their body when you make a kill. You should try to avoid this situation as a lot of firefights attracts attention and you do not know if some other player is lurking around in the shadow and waiting for you to drop your guard as you loot the body. You can also try to build around yourself while looting or when you are healing or using a shield potion as you don’t know who may be watching you for easy headshots.

Know the areas.

The fortnite battle royale has 18 areas namely Dusty Depot, Anarchy acres, Fatal fields, Greasy Grove, flush factory, lonely lodge, junk junction, haunted hills, loot lake, pleasant part, moisty mire, shifty shafts, salty springs, tilted towers, and so on. You can try and get to know the areas which are towards the center of the map since the safe zone of the map shrinks continuously throughout the game and this will help to keep you in the safe zone throughout most of the match.

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